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Our Beauty Salon in Bedfordview… A place to catch your breath

Beauty, it’s a quality we all possess, yet too many of us find ourselves so caught up in the too-and-fro rush of life that we neglect that innate beauty. But no more!

A stones throw from Eastgate Shopping Centre, in Bedfordview is the Chantilly Studio beauty salon.

Step away from the maddening crowd and come to the Chantilly Studio beauty salon. Leave the world and its dizzying pace at the gate, take a slow stroll through our tranquil gardens and just let yourself go. Then, come on in, put yourself in the trained and tender hands of our therapists and allow yourself the bliss of pure pampering. Our only desire, here at the Chantilly Studio, is to cater to your need for a much-deserved time out, to give you the chance to get away from it all and be the focus of caring and gentle attention.

So, we invite you. Be refreshed. Be revitalized. Be beautiful. Be given a truly remarkable beauty salon experience. Be given the Chantilly treatment.